This info service releases your web pages info. For example:

yoursite.info.hop1.eu/ List all the info
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/links List links
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/emails List emails
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/images List images
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/myip List server ip
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/geoloc List geo loc
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/availability List availability
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/headers List headers
yoursite.info.hop1.eu/code List code

Use out=json to get them in json format.

Please note we are NOT going to use https, wildcard certificates make all complex.

You can reach me to posta@elettronica.lol

 Coding: Italy 
 Server: Finland 
 Metrics: Russia